24/7 Insights

Near real-time shipment and equipment visibility 

from 600+ railroads in one place, enabling:

  • Easy identification of problem cars and shipment exceptions
  • Improved operations planning and fleet optimization
  • A birds-eye view of the entire shipment lifecycle
  • Reduced blind spots and unexpected delays
  • Easy railcar, shipment and container tracking
  • Customized reporting and insights
Near real-time shipment and equipment visibility

Visibility Insights

Customizable dashboards
Customizable Dashboards
Map visualization
Map Visualization
Alerting & exception
Alerting & Exception Management
Enhanced shipment history
Enhanced Shipment History
machine learning generated insights
Machine Learning Generated Insights
 Scheduled reporting via email
Scheduled Reporting Via Email

Industry Leading Visibility

Asset Manager Freight Train

Powered by the Industry Leader in Rail Data 

Tracing Insights is powered by RailSight—the CLM engine the rail industry knows and trusts.
Combining industry-leading rail data, a user-friendly interface and powerful analytical tools, Tracing Insights puts next-generation rail visibility at your fingertips.

Secure Rail Data

You never have to worry about the security of your company’s critical business information with TransmetriQ. RMS applies strict rail industry cybersecurity standards, including party-to-waybill authorization and supplemental checks for hazardous material shipments to ensure only the right people see the information.

See RMS in Action. What can a TMS built for rail simplify for you?

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"The visual dashboards are unique, easy to set up, and provide quick information on a customer's fleet."
- Shipper