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The TMS for Rail
Why TransmetriQ

Intuitive, end-to-end rail management

Modern shippers need more. And you should expect more. More visibility. More intuitive tools. More control. Knowing your shipment and car status shouldn’t be a bonus — it’s the minimum. That’s why we developed a system that simplifies and streamlines your rail operations from end to end.

Better visibility. Better insights. Fewer fees. 

Our Experience

Challenges we Solve

  • Eliminate visibility gaps: Real-time shipment data direct from the trusted industry source means you can identify and respond to issues faster. Achieve better inbound empty and outbound load tracing.

  • Simplify rail operations: You don't have to be an industry veteran to understand and improve your operations. Templates and pre-built reports help you make an impact right away — no training needed.

  • Efficient shipping: One platform for all of your rail operations. Integrated with 600+ railroads and ERPs.
Why TransmetriQ
Customize Your Platform

Shipment Management Features

rail shipment location

Industry-Leading Visibility

A birds-eye view of your shipments at all times

  • Near real-time

  • Actionable event reporting

  • Bad orders, delayed shipments, and ETAs 

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Simplified Freight Scheduling

Efficiently handle thousands of shipments

  • Guided BOL creation

  • Accurate shipment instructions

  • Quick-create reusable templates

Actionable Fleet Health Insights

Fleet Health Insights

Take control of fleet health and maintenance

  • Handle concerns before they become interruptions

  • Choose the right time and place for repairs

Enhanced Analytics & Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Easily gain insights

  • Create from easy-build templates or scratch

  • Easily integrate ERP data

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Managed Logistics

The option to lean on an expert

  • 24/7 access to an experienced logistics team

  • Take control of exception scenarios

Alerting & exception


The right information, right to your inbox

  • Easily identify action-needed scenarios

  • Configurable for any user

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What Our Customers Have to Say

"RMS is simple and user friendly. Because it leverages all of the railroad data directly from Railinc, it is more reliable than other systems."
- Logistics Manager